Aqua Power™

Liquid Fish Fertilizer

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Aqua Power™ is a liquid fish formula derived from hydrolyzed fish protein. The result is superior availability of nutrients compared to common fish emulsions.

Autumn Care™

Fall Prep Lawn Formula 18-3-6

Autumn Care™ is a fall preparation product for lawns, sod, and turf to ease your grass into winter.

BestGrow™ 8-10-5

Flower Maintenance Formula

BestGrow™ is a full strength, balanced liquid fertilizer designed to keep your flowering plants strong and vibrant before the blooming period.

Biomin® Cal-Boro

Encapsulated Calcium and Boron

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Biomin® Cal-Boro contains a mixture of calcium and boron designed for soil or foliar applications.

Biomin® Zinc

Complexed Micronutrient For Soil and Foliar Application

for organic gardening omri organic cdfa organic materials

Biomin® Zinc is a bioavailable plant nutrient.

Compost XLerator™

Compost Pile Starter Inoculent

Compost XLerator™ is a liquid inoculant product designed for compost piles. It contains Trichoderma fungi that produce enzymes to rapidly break down corn stalks, wood twigs, leaves, bark, melon rinds, and other slow-to-digest materials.


Slow Release Nitrogen Lawn Fertilizer

Endurance™ is a general purpose, liquid, slow release nitrogen fertilizer made from the highest quality N-P-K sources.

Energizer™ 8-32-4

Tree and Shrub Fertilizer

Energizer™ is a high powered liquid fertilizer that delivers high amount of phosphorus to trees and shrubs.


Cut Flower Preservative

Floragard® is a fresh-cut flower preservative. It contains nutrients that provide nourishment and extend the life of cut flowers for over a week.

GroPro™ 30-10-10

Orchid Professional Growth

GroPro™ is a high nitrogen formula, balanced fertilizer for orchid production professionals.

HyperGro™ 4-5-2

Maintenance Fertilizer

HyperGro™ is a balanced fertilizer formula designed to maintain plants in hydroponic systems.

IncrediRoot™ 0-28-25

Tree and Shrub Root Builder

IncrediRoot™ is a fertilizer that has the added benefit of producing a root flush effect that builds strong healthy root systems quickly.

Iron Boost™

Iron Supplement

Iron Boost TM helps green up plants to make lush foliage. Iron Boost TM also corrects iron deciency to bring plants back to a vigorous, vibrant state.

Mega Bloom™

Flower Bloom Formula

Mega Bloom™ is a high phosphorus and high potash fertilizer formula designed to induce and increase blooming of flowering plants.

Mega Color™

Orchid Color Enhancer

Mega Color™ is a fertilizer specially designed to give your orchid flowers a deeper, richer, fuller color for extra eye appeal and esthetic satisfaction.


Fulvic Acid

Mobilizer™ is a liquid fulvic acid product, which is known to enhance nutrient uptake by plant and make locked up nutrients available to plants.


Biological Transplant Starter

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Mycormax® is a biologically-based product which help plants absorb nutrients and water and physically protect the roots from penetration by disease- causing soil pathogens.

Natural Wet®

Wetting Agent, Anti-stress Agent

for organic gardening omri organic cdfa organic materials

Natural Wet® can help water penetration of hydrophobic soils and aid in the application of foliar fertilizers.

OrchidMax™ 20-15-15

Orchid Maintenance Fertilizer

OrchidMax™ is a water soluble fertilizer designed to maintain orchids during the rapid, vegetative growth stage when plants need heavy feeding

pH Down™


for organic gardening omri organic cdfa organic materials

pH Down® is a natural way to lower the pH of hydroponic and other fertilizer solutions, and reduce the pH of soil.


Phosphorus and potassium Fertilizer

Phosgard® is derived from phosphorus acid, which stimulates the plant’s natural immune system helping to prevent disease.

Promot® MZM

Organic Starter Fertilizer

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Promot® MZM helps create a root zone dominated by beneficial microorganisms that produce growth factors which stimulate seed germination.

Quick Green™ 30-0-0

Fast Greening Lawn Formula

Quick Green™ is a general purpose, concentrated lawn and grass fertilizer designed for grass growing on poor or neglected soils.

Soil Softener™

Soil Aerator, Lawn Puddle Remover

Soil Softener™ is designed to break up hard clay soil to allow proper drainage and water penetration.

Spring Care™ 20-3-3

General Use Lawn Fertilizer

Spring Care™ is a turf, sod, and lawn product specially designed to jump start your grass for the spring.

Summer Care™ 15-2-15

Lawn Maintenance Fertilizer

Summer Care™ is a high nitrogen and high potash product designed to keep lawns, sod, and turf strong and green during the heat of the summer.

Supergro® 1-0-4

Soil Activator

Supergro® 1-0-4 is an organic liquid plant food contains extract from the fermentation of protein and amino acids.


Trace Mineral Fertilizer

Vita-Mins™ is a multi-mineral product designed to help avoid most nutrient deficiencies to keep plants healthy and looking their best.

XtraBloom™ 6-30-30

Orchid Bloom Fertilizer

XtraBloom™ is a fertilizer that is specially designed and engineered to make bigger, healthier flower blooms.