BestGrow™ 8-10-5

Flower Maintenance Formula

BestGrow™ is a full strength, balanced liquid fertilizer designed to keep your flowering plants strong and vibrant before the blooming period.


Cut Flower Preservative

Floragard® is a fresh-cut flower preservative. It contains nutrients that provide nourishment and extend the life of cut flowers for over a week.

Mega Bloom™

Flower Bloom Formula

Mega Bloom™ is a high phosphorus and high potash fertilizer formula designed to induce and increase blooming of flowering plants.

Mega Color™

Orchid Color Enhancer

Mega Color™ is a fertilizer specially designed to give your orchid flowers a deeper, richer, fuller color for extra eye appeal and esthetic satisfaction.

OrchidMax™ 20-15-15

Orchid Maintenance Fertilizer

OrchidMax™ is a water soluble fertilizer designed to maintain orchids during the rapid, vegetative growth stage when plants need heavy feeding


Phosphorus and potassium Fertilizer

Phosgard® is derived from phosphorus acid, which stimulates the plant’s natural immune system helping to prevent disease.

XtraBloom™ 6-30-30

Orchid Bloom Fertilizer

XtraBloom™ is a fertilizer that is specially designed and engineered to make bigger, healthier flower blooms.