Aqua Power™

Liquid Fish Fertilizer

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Aqua Power™ is a liquid fish formula derived from hydrolyzed fish protein. The result is superior availability of nutrients compared to common fish emulsions.

Compost XLerator™

Compost Pile Starter Inoculent

Compost XLerator™ is a liquid inoculant product designed for compost piles. It contains Trichoderma fungi that produce enzymes to rapidly break down corn stalks, wood twigs, leaves, bark, melon rinds, and other slow-to-digest materials.

GroPro™ 30-10-10

Orchid Professional Growth

GroPro™ is a high nitrogen formula, balanced fertilizer for orchid production professionals.


Phosphorus and potassium Fertilizer

Phosgard® is derived from phosphorus acid, which stimulates the plant’s natural immune system helping to prevent disease.