Aqua Power™

Liquid Fish Fertilizer

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Aqua Power™ is a liquid fish formula derived from hydrolyzed fish protein. The result is superior availability of nutrients compared to common fish emulsions.

HyperGro™ 4-5-2

Maintenance Fertilizer

HyperGro™ is a balanced fertilizer formula designed to maintain plants in hydroponic systems.

Iron Boost™

Iron Supplement

Iron Boost TM helps green up plants to make lush foliage. Iron Boost TM also corrects iron deciency to bring plants back to a vigorous, vibrant state.


Fulvic Acid

Mobilizer™ is a liquid fulvic acid product, which is known to enhance nutrient uptake by plant and make locked up nutrients available to plants.

Natural Wet®

Wetting Agent, Anti-stress Agent

for organic gardening omri organic cdfa organic materials

Natural Wet® can help water penetration of hydrophobic soils and aid in the application of foliar fertilizers.

pH Down™


for organic gardening omri organic cdfa organic materials

pH Down® is a natural way to lower the pH of hydroponic and other fertilizer solutions, and reduce the pH of soil.


Phosphorus and potassium Fertilizer

Phosgard® is derived from phosphorus acid, which stimulates the plant’s natural immune system helping to prevent disease.


Trace Mineral Fertilizer

Vita-Mins™ is a multi-mineral product designed to help avoid most nutrient deficiencies to keep plants healthy and looking their best.