What do COP OIM and OMRI mean?

In the United States, these two organizations certify products for use on organic fields. COP OIM stands for California Organic Program Organic Input Materials. The State of California operates its own organic product and ingredient certification program.

OMRI stands for Organic Material Review Institute. It is an independent, nationwide organic product and ingredient certification organization.

How can I request samples?

We are glad to provide free samples to wholesalers, distributors, and retailer stores. If you’d like to receive a sample of certain item, please contact us via email at info@safergro.com or by phone at (805) 650-8918.

If you are a professional grower, you are also welcome to contact us via email at info@safergro.com or by phone at (805) 650-8918.

How do I become a Safergro’s wholesaler or distributor?

We always welcome chain stores, distributors, and wholesaler accounts to join our team! You can either contact us via email at info@safergro.com or by phone at (805) 650-8918.

Do you sell to Canada and other countries?

We currently don’t. But if you would like to be a Safergro business partner in these area, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at info@safergro.com or by phone at (805) 650-8918.

Where can I apply Ant Out®?

Ant Out® can be applied indoors and outdoors where you find ant trails.

When can I see the effect of Ant Out®?

Ant Out® works instantly. It kills ants on contact.

How do I deal with the ants underground in the nest?

Ant Out® is a contact kill product. You must spray it directly onto the ants. The only way to get underground ants would be to dig up the nest and spray the ants directly. Ant Out® is not a bait product, so the ants do not bring it back to the nest.

Can I apply Ant Out® on my furniture?

Ant Out® can cause discoloration of wooden surfaces, carpets, cloth, and other materials so you just take care when applying the product. Avoid contact with furniture. Always test a small area of surface before full application.

Which insects does Biorepel® work on?

You can apply Biorepel® on all small flying insects infesting your plants.

Will Biorepel® leave a garlic taste on my fruits and vegetables?

No. Simply rinse the fruits or vegetables as you normally would do before eating them.

Can I apply Biorepel® on my organic vegetabls and fruits?

Yes, you can. Biorepel® is a certified organic product.

What is the mode of action of Biorepel®?

The garlic ingredient in Biorepel irritates insect chemosensory organs and prevents them from moving, feeding, or laying eggs on the plants.

Can I mix Mildew Cure® with other pesticides or fertilizers?

Yes. Mildew Cure® is compatible with almost all fertilizers and pesticides. Just dilute correct amount of Mildew Cure® and the fertilizer/pesticide in your spray bottle and apply to the foliage.

Can I apply Mildew Cure® to all plants?

No. Mildew Cure® is not compatible with plants in the pepper family (Capsicum). Please use with caution when applying Mildew Cure® for the first time. Also, be careful when you apply to open blooms as Mildew Cure® may cause undesirable marks on some sensitive flowers.

What is the mode of action of Mildew Cure®?

Mildew Cure® stops powdery mildew fungi spores from germinating and prevents the growth of the fungi on the plant surface.

Does Mildew Cure® eliminate mildew or mold on my furniture and in my house?

No. Mildew Cure® is designed to eliminate powdery mildew on plants and should not be suitable for furniture or hardware. However, it can be used on your indoor plants.

How do I apply Mycormax® on established or small plants?

Without digging a hole, you can tear the teabag and sprinkle the contents onto the soil around the base of the plant.