Mega Bloom™

Flower Bloom Formula

Mega Bloom™ is a water-soluble fertilizer that supports and promotes prolific flower blooms.

The high phosphorus content of Mega Bloom™ induces flower plants to bloom and it increases blooming with more flowers. This specially designed bloom fertilizer has no nitrogen added that would divert plant energy into making more foliage.

The balance of phosphorus and no nitrogen in Mega Bloom™ focuses the plant on using its energy to flower and bloom for your enjoyment.


Increases blooming quality and quantity
Special blooming formula
No added vegetative growth
Convenient water soluble powder

Package sizes:

2 lb jar
25 lb bucket


Mix 1 teaspoon of Mega Bloom™ per gallon of water and apply to the soil around the base of flower plant. Reapply every 4 weeks or as needed.

Always perform a jar test to check compatibility before mixing with other products in your spray tank.

Storage and Disposal:

Store in a cool, dry place. Dispose of properly.

More Info:

Safety Data Sheet (requires PDF reader)

Download the Informational Flyer