Biological Transplant Starter

Mycormax® is a biologically based product containing spores, colonized root fragments, and other propagules of seven beneficial root colonizing fungi species.

Mycorrhizal fungi live on the roots of plants in a symbiotic relationship. These fungi help plants absorb nutrients and water and physically protect the roots from penetration by disease-causing soil pathogens. Mycormax® rebuilds soil populations of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi after soil fumigation or other events that reduce populations.

Mycormax® works on established vineyards and orchards, too.

We recommend you apply Mycormax® once a year to maintain the mycorrhizal population.


Physical barrier against root pathogens and nematodes
Increased absorption of essential nutrients
Natural, non-toxic

Package sizes:

24 teabags per box

omri for organic gardening


Number of Bags per Plant:
Small plants - 1 bag
1-gallon plants - 1 bag
5-gallon plants - 3 bags
15-gallon plants - 8 bags

Transplanting: Place recommended number of Mycormax biodegradable bags directly into the planting hole, being sure to place the bags close to the root system.

Established Plants: Remove the soil around the base of the plant, tree, or shrub. Be careful not to damage any existing roots. Place the recommended number of Mycormax biodegradable bags directly into the hole as close to the root system as possible.

We recommend you apply Mycormax once a year to maintain the mycorrhizae population.

Storage and Disposal:

Keep dry, cool, and away from direct sunlight. Retains full effectiveness for 24 months when stored properly.

Handling: observe all appropriate safety precautions. Avoid direct exposure to dust. Keep out of reach of children.

More Info:

Safety Data Sheet (requires PDF reader)

Download the Informational Flyer