Spring Care™ 20-3-3

General Use Lawn Fertilizer

Spring Care™ is a turf, sod, and lawn product specially designed to jump-start your grass.

The high nitrogen content in Spring Care™, a blend of immediately available and slow release, encourages your grass to turn green quickly and promotes strong vegetative growth to keep your lawn looking good early in the spring. Having a blend of quick release and slow release nutrients helps prevent your grass from having a “sugar rush” effect on growth followed by a “crash.”

Spring Care™ is the smart choice for waking up your lawn from its long winter sleep.


Consistent release of nutrients
Promotes strong green grass early
Convenient and economic concentrate liquid formula

Package sizes:

1 pint concentrate
1 quart concentrate
1 gallon concentrate


Shake well before use.

Mix 2.5-3 oz. (5-6 tablespoons) of Spring Care™ per gallon of water and apply to 500 square feet of lawn.

Repeat application every 2 weeks or as needed.

Hose End Sprayer: Set at 4 oz. (8 tablespoons) of Spring Care™ and apply to 500 square feet of lawn.

Always perform a jar test to check compatibility before mixing with other products in your spray tank.

Spring Care™ has neutral pH and is not corrosive.

No special agitation required.

Storage and Disposal:

Store in a cool, dry place. Dispose of properly.

More Info:

Safety Data Sheet (requires PDF reader)

Download the Informational Flyer